Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of moving the visibility of a webpage or website in search engine. Search Engine optimization uses techniques and tactics to increase the amount of visitors to a web page or website and obtains a high-rank in the search results page of a search engine.

SEO plays an important role in internet marketing. SEO is best way of advertising your business in the competitive field. SEO is a process of performing some changes and allows your website to appear among the first few results on a search engine results page. SEO uses specific key words strategically throughout content created with the purpose of being published onto the internet. Those keywords are regularly used in search engines.Some of Essential SEO Techniques:

  • Content is the King
  • Identify Target Keywords
  • Page titles, description and formatting
  • Internal linking
  • Commit to Social Networking
  • Update your website frequently


SEO Internet marketing can help any company through their site to sell products.SEO companies ensure that your site has all the SEO Internet marketing such as business improvement, localized product sales, high quality online generation etc. SEO experts ensure you to remain competitive in the online business if you stick with them. They will have all they need to ensure business success.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM does not involve search engines, but does play a key role in a website’s exposure and online marketing efforts. Whereas dealing with search engines requires a delicate and constant adjustment of subtle factors (SEO) or costly premiums (SEM), working through social media is relatively cheap and holds the promise of incredibly lucrative growth, if done properly.

Having seen the power and reach of viral content, companies have flocked to the social Web in order to utilize this “online word of mouth” for their own branding efforts. This includes having a corporate presence on:

  • Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Streaming video services, like YouTube
  • Location check-ins, like Foursquare
  • Image sharing, like Instagram and Pinterest


Social media allows for information to spread exponentially, allowing company advertising efforts to spread very quickly and to like-minded audiences all at the efforts of the viewer’s themselves. Companies can also utilize social networks and social website components (like comment systems) to establish a more personal engagement with users; increasing the feeling of customer loyalty, brand awareness, and direct customer support.

Are you not going to corporate websites will cause a terrible apathy? Oh, no, not again a lot of texts unbearable, soulless, boring to despair.


Do not know about you but to me it seems logical that if a company allocates resources to build your site, do the same for writing and managing content. We all know that content is king, right? So why do we find more times than we would like to correct web pages on the visual but very poor in substance?


In the resources for content creation would something similar to what we were saying about the care of typography: it seems that the department responsible for creating the hire website design, approve the sketches and planning the content, hala, that the designer take the texts of the old site (which may be 98).


The typical structure ‘ About Us ‘, ‘ What we do ‘, ‘ Our services’ and the news section of rigor with two stories that are not updated since the site was launched is the best way to bore the stones.


I believe in the close relationship between content and design. I have not the key to success on the internet but I am sure that the vast majority of successful projects have in common:


Quality content


A content -centered design

Starting a business is hard. You may have developed a great idea, a useful product, an essential service but you can get frustrated seeing that no one comes to your website to find out.


It is great that we care the presentation of content but there is a small detail that we should not ignore: create content that is interesting to someone. There are some guidelines that can help:


1. It tells a story

Since man is man has developed an insatiable curiosity to know stories. From stories by the fire in the cave until internet series are always ready to hear a good story. Write your own story in terms of objectives, sector context … you have a visitor on your site, make them interested in what you have to tell.


For example, tomX not just an online marketing company is a character, a superhero who wants to atomize the world. Since the domain name to the descriptions profiles on social networks tomX tells the story of this character and his adventures.


2. Find your voice

The corporate tone very correct, well thought out, well structured, aseptic standard is so… boring. Companies are made ​​up of people, each develops a personality structure. A character that is transmitted from the brand, from the products, services; employees… Find your tone and speak from it.


For example, the designer Nacho Contreras in his biography on your website has unveiled a “Plain caninoso” did a few years ago.


3. Keep consistency

Think of a friend who goes to dinner at your house. You receive it kindly and give him a beer. You speak of yours, you laugh, so normal. Now you pass the room and sit to eat. For starters you stay quiet, serious and sharp. With the main course you euphoric samples, too. In the dessert and tops look tired and just want to leave. Your friend will think you’re cyclothymic or rude. They go home confused.


The same happens in many websites. Upon entering you are screaming that you buy, in sections with product details you are bored, not directly elsewhere are telling you anything. A chaos, go. Maintain consistency so that your user is comfortable, at ease and leave with a good feeling.


4. Focus on your product

I come to your site, show me what you can do. What are you doing, what are the best, why choose you. Please, avoid the hackneyed concepts of the type we are a great team, we have over four years of experience … (many companies add up the years of experience of your entire team for such texts, it is very funny).


5. Make an editorial calendar (if you have a news section or news)

Ideally, you are able to create interesting content for your niche market with some regularity. To me it went very well create an editorial calendar in which I point out which posts publish and on what dates.


My advice is to accumulate a few items in the fridge before you start posting and well oiled machine and have background content for when there is a period that cannot write.


6. be original with the structure

“About us “,” What do…“I ‘m not sleepy? Besides not describe anything to use these links in a menu does not help the search engines your site positioned properly. If your company is dedicated, for example, to sell tablecloths restaurants is better than the link says “Tablecloths for Hospitality “that “What we do” or “Our Products “. Besides giving importance to the content of your site visitors will have a clearer idea of ​​what to expect on the other side of the click.


If you worry about what you say in your place on the Internet your Internet visitors will be more informed, happier with your service or product and your chances of getting what you’re after increase. I hope these guidelines will serve to help or at least make you to think a little about what you’re showing in your website.


Really the best advice is to improve the content you read a lot. Always, Reading is one of the most amazing activities there. Read will you learn entertain you, excite you, and in what regards our subject, your imagination soar when it comes to find topics to post on your site and make you write more quality content. Be sure to read.

Do you love the design but you’re not a designer? Would you like to learn? Are you a developer and would like to change discipline or you just want to extend your skills?


Design Hack the guys have developed a course specially designed for you. Just every week subscribe and receive your mail a new lesson for you to learn at your own pace.


Currently on the fifth lesson but you can get started without problem at any time and catch up.


The opening track is a documentary during an hour and a quarter, with the title of Objectified, gives an overview of the importance of design and lays the foundation for subsequent follow lessons.


The topics that follow, published to date, lead by heading:

  • What is the design? Why is it important?
  • Soaking in typography
  • The amazing new mobile web
  • Know your tools
  • Typography in product design
  • The sixth lesson will be available on February 18.


Each lesson is divided into a series of milestones that the student is in addition to or reading the articles selected or passing tests and games like the famous Kern Type.


Although the initial approach indicates that it is a course designed for non-designers , those already professionally involved in the design of this content can enjoy its high quality, concise and clear presentation of concepts. Not only must progress and update our knowledge, it is also good occasionally refresh old content with new air or approaches.

What is a responsive website?

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